As a Western Coloradan, I’m used to our winters lasting until April, leaving us stubbornly like a drunk being ejected from a party. In Colorado we don’t have spring, we have “mud season” and to continue the metaphor even further, it really is like the aforementioned drunk leaving your house in disarray. I think we're at the stage in winter where everyone is in the throws of depression. Almost everyone I meet, from my manual labor coworkers to my artist friends is hollow-eyed and worn down.

I apologize for the paltry update this week and no update at all last week, but if you really want to catch up, you can take a gander at last week's video blog. Speaking of video blogs, you can expect a new one from me every Monday.

I recently had a wonderful discussion with my friend and former CBP cohort, Steve Giuliano, about the nature of art and "getting yourself out there". This discussion came on the heels of a larger chat about careers while we were both standing in the snow, as a crane picked up oil tanks. The circular nature of life is funny, because I could swear we were having the same discussion eight years ago when we were both sweeping up sandwich leavings on the closing shift at Salvador Deli*.

2014 is off to a good start. I'll have some neat things to announce soon, but have to wait for everything to clear. In other news…

I'm holding off on developing the video for PROJECT: SELFIE so that a few stragglers can submit. I had someone approach me at my brother-in-law's art show this past Friday and tell me that she and all of her fiends want to participate, so hopefully I'll receive pictures soon.

This week has me out of sorts, two days off, a day on, four days off, half day, one day off, one day on. I feel a little like my schedule is an elaborate code. I also feel like I'm not supposed to get this much time off, and that feeling makes me nervous. However, since nervousness is my natural state, perhaps this means I'm starting 2014 off right.

This week I've been harried and exhausted, doing my best to provide a good dynamic at home and a good performance at work, while keeping up with all of my extracurricular obligations. This has me feeling a little like a mid-Victorian automaton; a golem made mostly of paper mache and horse hair, reacting to lights and buzzers for each new bit of stimulus. Jiggling and jerking to the horror or delight of an audience of strangers. When in repose, I can still feel my copper wiring buzzing with the day's entertainments and my puppet skull is filled with the lists of things still to do.

Project: Selfie has taken off on a level that I didn't expect. Friends, family and complete strangers have blogged, reposted, tweeted and Facebooked this video more than anything else I've ever created. Apparently people are seeing something in the message that "it's okay to *NOT be perfect". However, while I'm not receiving hundreds of photos, I have amassed more "1st thing in the morning" pictures than I expected.

I'd say I've been saturating the markets lately, but that only really matters if people know who you are, and for right now, I have a high level of public anonymity. I'm like Reed Richards. Everyone knows that Reed Richards is Mr. Fantastic, leader of the Fantastic Four, and that he lives and works at the Baxter Building in Manhattan; however no one seems to care. To date, I am not a super scientist with the power to stretch my body to great lengths. I don't have a blonde wife that turns invisible, nor an IQ over 300. Actually, I'm not sure where I was going with this analogy.

I can't tell you how lovely this long weekend has been. I've been burning the candle at both ends as of late, and really enjoyed the extra time to relax and work on things I actually wanted to be working on. I've eaten my weight in pie, watched several episodes of Boardwalk Empire, played several games of Left 4 Dead. I've also managed to finish two Video Blogs, an article for Nerd Reactor and this months' episode of Victorian Cut-out Theatre. Huzzah!

My section of Colorado is now coated in ice and snow, which means that walks will be shoveled, car windows will be scraped and I will have to turn to the treadmill to sustain my nightly jogs. This snow is going to stick for a while. Winter isn't coming anymore, it's here to stay.