Under the Couch
By Rob Walker

Under the couch
Are dozens of toys
As well as a monster
Who eats little boys

He has long ragged claws
And a slobbery snout
And if I reach under
I'll never come out

He keeps guard over comic books
Chattering teeth
Monopoly pieces
All trapped underneath

Barbie doll heads call out with despair
While he uses their arms to comb
Greasy black hair

Picking his fangs with green army men,
An entire platoon in his cobwebby den

The Ticker-Tack Man
By Rob Walker

At 2:59 the streets are empty,
As quiet as a tomb

At 3 o'clock the silence broken,
With a clattering sound of doom

For the Ticker-Tack Man cleans the streets,
Before sunrise every morn

And if your not in bed by then,
You'll wish you were never born

You can hear him coming from far away,
With each step he takes

The tell-tale sound of "ticker-tack"
Is the only noise he makes

He's dapper in a tall top hat,
And dinner jacket tails

It has been a little while since I updated the blog, even though my work continues to get released online. It’s nice to have machinations turning even while I’m not appearing in front of the curtain as often as I used to. Thank you to those contributing to my Patreon, you have the greatest patience and I will reward you for it soon, I promise.

Things have been a bit on the crazy side lately, which is why it feels like I’ve dropped off the face of the earth a bit.

Victorian Cut-out Theatre season 3 premieres this Friday (July 15th) on This new version of the show is the best the show has ever been and if you like what you see, please repost on social media and tell your friends about it. With social media algorithms being the way they are, I need your help to get the word out. So please tell everyone you know about the hilarity of Victorian Cut-out Theatre. I’m bias, but this season really is the strongest yet. This first episode is all about coffins and burials.

It is 9:30PM as I type this and it is 90 degrees in our house. The coolest room in the house is my son’s room, which is the only room to have a window air conditioner. Seriously, it’s like a freezer in there. I’m so jealous. As it stands I’m okay, typing this in Bermuda shorts while our ceiling fan moves air around. I will do my best to think cooling thoughts.

It has been a little while since I checked in so I thought I’d drop you guys a line.

I’ve almost reached my original episode goal for Season 3 of VCoT. It is killing me not sharing them as soon as they are completed, but having them stockpiled will actually be better in the long run, both for Cinevore and myself. I’m not in a position where I can create episodes in the same way that I used to. This is actually a very good thing.

I’ve been busy lately with a lot of creative stuff. The new episode of VCoT is complete, which means that I’m over halfway to my original goal for episodes. Things are going well enough that I’m actually thinking about creating a few more episodes. I've created a few graphic promos over the past several weeks for various folks. All of which, have turned out exceptionally well. Mostly though, I’ve been writing for Cinevore, who seem to be firing on all cylinders these days with a barrage of projects.

My car took another dump, and this time, it’s something I can’t Frankenstein back together myself. Hopefully we’ll be able to get it into a mechanic for reasonably priced fix starting tomorrow. Our days of getting by with a single vehicle are officially over since siring a child. Upon having a child, I’ve noticed that some people go out and buy the most absurdly large and obnoxious vehicle they can find. You know the ones that make traversing in modern parking lot a gargantuan form of Operation.

Sometimes I feel like a fraud.

I feel like any good work I’ve ever done is just a fluke. That most of what I do is terrible and that people are going to realize it, if they haven’t already.

Do you ever feel the way?

We’re not frauds though.

We’re creative people and sometimes that means you get into a dry spell, or a spell of self doubt. When you work by yourself, it’s doubly difficult to pull yourself out sometimes.