Rather than do a Cinematic Music Videos article (We're really getting down to the dregs, now) I wanted to present a little oddity...

This was a silly little mash-up I put together over the weekend. It's not perfect, but I've had something like this in my head since Captain America was first announced. More than anything, I just wanted to experiment and see if the footage and sound of these two trailers would work together at all. I think they sync up better than expected.

The subject of this video has been a major topic of discussion amongst me and my associates for about the past six months. I didn't originally subscribe to the youtube philosophy, because I didn't want to be in league with "Those kinds of people". My main goal has always been to tell good stories, hone my skills and hopefully bring a little humor, thought and entertainment into the lives of my audience. If they enjoyed their stay in theatre of my mind, perhaps they would come again-and bring friends. This is a pure philosophy, but pure intentions are rarely the most popular or lucrative.

At the behest of my brother-in-law, I joined Deviant Art several months ago. We both thought it might be a good way to get my videos seen as well as some of my other artistic endeavors (Drawing, art, photography). It yielded limited results, simply because I don't participate in the community like I should. I still wade through other people's art on the site from time to time and occasionally post a new video, but for the most part I focus on other sites like YouTube and Twitter.

Film has had me in its firm but velvety grasp since I was a child. I'm old enough to have seen movies at a drive-in, when it wasn't a retro novelty. Because of this, I take the movie going experience to be almost religious in nature. There is something about a room of people, from all walks of life, participating in the shared human experience portrayed on the screen. There we all sit, bathed in silver light and for the briefest of moments, we are one.

I had the opportunity last Tuesday to see Kevin Smith's latest film Red State, along with the director himself. I had bought tickets almost a month in advance at the behest of my fiance. I rarely get to travel out of Colorado and it dawned on me this may be my only chance to see live one of the directors who inspired me to make movies.

In 2004 I was attending the University of Northern Colorado as a Theatre student. I had just come off two years with an independent theatre troupe and was looking for something to do.

Sorry for the late post, but I'm sure most of you checked Youtube before coming here. We had some server problems this morning but everything seems to be...well, Duckie!

Taking Back Sunday's song Cute without the 'e' is one of the band's number one singles from their debut album Tell All Your Friends (2002). The major themes of this album reflect the in fighting and conflict of the band at the time. The video for Cute without the 'e' is a truncated, if distracting homage to the film Fight Club (1999).

The CBP Show is probably the most fun I've had working on a video project. Mostly because the projects were born out of making ourselves laugh. The first of these: Steve's Night Out, was "written" during our weekly meetings. During these meetings we would find ourselves outside smoking and would often go off on imaginary tangents filled with hilarity and horror. It wasn't long before Monty suggested we film these ideas.

Unless you count Quidditch, I'm not really a sports fan. Because of this, I opted out of the SuperBowl this year. Since the only reason I would participate in a such an event would be to drink beer, eat a great deal of food and watch for the interesting commercials...and let's be honest, I can do that any day of the week. So this year I waited to see these commercials online the next day.

Because I wanted to keep my review (relatively) short, I was forced to cut a topics out of the review. Plus I'm not entirely convinced that people want to listen to me wax intellectual about movies for extended periods of time. Anyway, had to get a few things off my chest regarding this film before I put this review to bed...

The soundtrack is brilliant, I'm hoping to get more into Hughes' music choices in the National Lampoon's Vacation two part finale-Stay tuned.