I’ve never been a big fan of the romantic comedy genre so when Rob asked me to do a Top 6 about them, I was sort of at a loss. But I thought about it and there are ones I like, but the ones I find more interesting are when they’re from the male lead’s perspective. They’re often just a silly or dumb as the usual, female-centric rom-coms, but since I am of the emo male persuasion when it comes to love, I connect to them. So here we have the top 6 romantic comedies told from the guy’s point of view.

VI – Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Summer is usually "Wedding Season" but lately it feels a bit more like "Baby Season" and no, I don't mean to hunt babies. For those of you who think that, there is a short for you HERE.

Long before Paula Abdul was "Nice Judge" on the television blight that is American Idol, she was a singer and choreographer. And long before Keanu Reeves starred in the Matrix, he performed the part of analog James Dean in this video.

Rush, Rush was featured on Abdul's second album Spellbound in 1991. It topped Billboard's Top 100 for five consecutive weeks. Enough background, lets get down to brass tacks here...

The adventures of Gov't. Tit continue...


I don't normally do update blogs, since I get the impression that most of of you who visit the site are interested in seeing videos and animations and not in my blog writing skills (That's why I leave it to professionals like Kyle Anderson). However, I wanted to let you all know what I've been up to this past week (Since it's interesting and actually has bearing on filmmaking)

I was inspired to make this video after watching CBP's "Troublemaker Shorts". I hadn't made a movie of my own in...five years? It had been a while, regardless, and I missed it. After watching the boys' shorts, I decided to do the same.

This short was inspired by a co-worker, who asked me the question: "If George Washington were alive today, what do you think he would say about our country?" I find the question intriguing, although if we were to take it literally, I doubt that General Washington would want to talk politics.

2Pac, Dr. Dre-California Love/Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

The 48 Hour Film Project Denver begins again the 31st of July, so I thought I'd take a look back at our first entry into the 48HFP.

Top 5 High School Movies That You've Probably Never Never Seen...But Should