2018 Wrap up!

This year has been a blur! Not since my son was born have I had a year so full of activity.

I agreed to direct a stage version of Frankenstein to coincide with the novel’s 200th anniversary, went into rehearsals just as my wife and I were given a notice to vacate the house we had been renting for five years. Amid moving into my sister and brother-in-law’s house for two months while we looked for a new place to live, I continued to rehearse the production, had my wife’s family reunion in Santa Cruz.

We finally were able to get into an apartment and shortly after we moved in, I attended Hollywood PitchFest under the tutelage of Steph and Matt of Cinevore Studios. While there, I was able to pitch Monkey Paw Studios, CBS, Warner Brothers Animation as well as several other wonderful studios and producers. I even got some business cards and emails from the experience, which I was told is a very good thing.

Frankenstein was super successful and I couldn’t have been more proud of the cast and crew, some of whom seem to have made strong friendships from the experience. The production also raised nearly $4000 for the Immigrant Refugee Center of Northern Colorado, for which I am extremely grateful.

In the fall, our toddler began preschool and seems to be doing well, despite some minor incidents with toy theft and “making someone’s eye red”, whatever that means. Regardless, he seems to walking the straight and narrow for the time being and their instruction is already reinforcing work we are doing at home along with giving him much needed social time with his contemporaries.

Throughout most of the year I managed to pitch humor headlines, RPG games, short stories, scripts, and comedy articles with varying degrees of success. Here are some of the successes:

FLEXX Mag. I am very grateful to get my work onto the comedy site.

My short science fiction play “The Mudgett Lattice” was accepted and performed in the Durango Arts 10 Minute Play Festival.

My short science fiction play “The Dodo” was accepted and performed at this year’s Paragon Science Fiction Play Festival in Chicago.

I also had various scripts accepted as “Official Selections” in The Hollywood Horrorfest, The HollyShorts Screenplay Contest, and The Portland Comedy Festival

On a related note:

If you’re reading this and find yourself in need of a writer, I would love to help you out! Drop me a line at robwalkerfilms@gmail.com

While 2018 has had its challenges, I can certainly see the bright spots and I am very much looking forward to moving onward and upward!

Take care,