31 Horror Films #30: Madhouse 1974 Dir. Jim Clark

Last year I did a series of daily micro blogs going through the history of horror films by year. This was meant to give people an example of the high points of the genre. This year I'll be doing the same thing, but going off the beaten path to provide some films you may not have heard of. These films may not be up your alley, but they're all interesting.

Mad House 1974 Dir. Jim Clark

The last film Vincent Price did with American International Pictures, Roger Corman’s company responsible for the Poe Cycle of films, is a strange tale about a horror movie actor returning to the spotlight after he was placed in an insane asylum for possibly murdering his young wife. Upon his return to star in a revival of his old character, Paul Toombes is beset by a nervous breakdown as his costars begin to die in manners reminiscent of characters in his previous films. This film trades heavily on the horror movie careers of both Price and his costar, Peter Cushing. Though the movie takes some very strange, over the top and unbelievable twists, it is nevertheless enjoyable. The basement scene with Toombes deranged former costar, Faye is very Lynchian in its creepiness. If you’re familiar with the careers of Price and Cushing , this little oddity is worth a look. Madhouse serves as the death rattle for the low budget horror films in the mid 20th century.

Watch the trailer HERE.