Alone time and updates

10 hours from now, I will be sitting at the Denver International Airport to pick up my wife and son from their visit to the west coast.

The past four days by myself have been quiet, productive, and relaxing, but now I’m ready to have the silence broken by baby shrieks and my wife screaming at our cats. While they were visiting SanFranciscan landmarks and avoiding Super Bowl roadblocks, I was working on promos for a local business. I turned in the first drafts on Friday and am pretty happy with the results. I got to employ some things I’ve been wanting to try for a long time which turned out very well. Of course I’ll have to see what the customer thinks.

The new software has really helped things move along and I’m still finding new ways to use it. Victorian Cut-out Theatre season 3 will definitely be the best yet. The completed episodes look cleaner than anything I’ve done before, and each one is coming together faster. In a few more months They’ll be complete and ready to roll out one by one. I’m considering trying out a tablet for future projects. I still don’t consider myself an animator, but being able to draw once in a while would be nice for certain things. Maybe I should look at a moderately priced one for giggles sake.

This blog has gone a bit quiet over the past few months. I’ve had plenty to report, but have felt torn on how much I should share. October through December were rough and got consistently worse as each month wore on. I won’t get into specifics, but things are better now. Onward and upward.

Aside from working, I have had the opportunity this week to see a few pieces of entertainment. I finished season 2 of Penny Dreadful. It was perfect. The only mistake they make was showing Dorian Grey’s portrait. Also, if you want to see strong female characters and you have an affinity for horror and costume drama, you have no excuse to not watch this show. I also got to see Hail, Ceasar!. It was fun, but not among the Coen Bros. best. Josh Brolin is the reason to see it, but it is kind of disjointed although enjoyable.

I’ve finished a few scripts, tinkered with some short videos so you should expects some content updates soon.

Take care,