Ani-Logue 8: The Photograph

I've wanted to do some animated monologues about my family for a while now, and while this is far from a "tribute", I may consider it a prologue. I would also like to take this time to apologize if any of you found this a bit of a departure from the usual silly subject matter of the animations. However, I should point out, that all of my animations are rooted in some sort of reality. Whether they are spawned from conversations (88 MILES AN HOUR!), or real life events (Monkey Butlers!) This one in particular is very much based in reality and to me, important. Since Mama never got to see my animations, I'd like to think she would have found them hilarious and wonderful. As mentioned in my dedication she was, after all, my first audience.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these animations (What few of you there are) they do come from the heart (Especially this one) because I want to keep doing them for a while. This one is the last Ani-Logue of the year and marks the end of the "First season" if you can call it that. There should be more next year:)

Stay tuned for more Cinematic Music Video Articles and The Hughes Reviews this month.

Thank you for watching. And as always, Tell your friends.

Cinematically Yours,