Birthdays, Festivals and Thanksgiving

I’ve not posted for the past few weeks because I’ve been on a non-stop ride of people, places, and things. I co-hosted a birthday party for a one-year old which I agonized over more than I care to admit, only to finally experience an alien event in which my small child wondered why everyone was singing to him and watching him eat a piece of cake. I don’t blame him, it was weird for me too. There is a part of me that hopes he doesn’t posses my outsider’s nature and that he can conform and not be bothered by the strange rituals and unfairness of our world. If he can conform, he may be happier, but he’ll be a lot less fun at parties. However, if his birthday was any indication, he will be his father’s son. Standing forever at the edge of the playground flanked by weirdos and freaks all wondering why people are the way they are. We also occasionally lost at four-square.

I also was a part of the Go West Film Festival and spent some time leading a discussion on Sergio Leone’s For a Few Dollars More as well as attending screenings and events for A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Overall, I feel like the festival was a success and should only get better the more it goes on. I’m hoping we can put together a collection of shorts for next year, but time, money and energy will have to tell.

My wife and I are hosting Thanksgiving this year and so we’ve been preparing for that. Thanksgiving, along with Halloween and Werewolf Valentine’s Day, is among my favorite holidays. There’s little to do on Thanksgiving but cook, eat and enjoy each other’s company. There are no gifts to be given, just each other’s time. The pressure on our end comes from figuring out who will attend and how they will get here. This year is a bit weird, but as long as I get to watch Planes, Train and Automobiles while eating several different weird and exotic cheeses, I’ll be fine. Consequently that is what I imagine Valhalla is like.

Along with all of this, I’ve been trying to work on two episode of VCoT at once. The coloration of this season has become a bit of a time suck, but I do prefer the way it looks to the old sepia designs. I think audiences will appreciate the new look too. I have been told that the look of the series has turned some people off initially, but after they had watched an episode, they became fans. My goal is to get as many people through the door as possible in hopes that they will give the writing a chance. I look at shows like Squidbillies and Tom Goes to the Mayor and hope that people will extend to VCoT the same good will they extend to similar shows with non-traditional styles. Regardless, the episodes are coming along nicely and the hard part of designing them is almost over. Soon I’ll be able to shovel them to Cinevore like coal into a steam engine in hopes that they will be devoured by the purifying flame of the internet. That sounded more sinister than I meant it to.

I hope you all are having a great week. I hope you too have an opportunity to watch Planes, Train and Automobiles while eating exotic cheeses, and I hope that people can keep their political talk civil around your hearth this holiday.

Take care,