Boise & Nerd Reactor

I was in Boise, Idaho most of last week. If any of you ever get the chance to go to Boise, Idaho, I highly recommend that you do so. It's lovely. I also really enjoyed the road trip with my wife. She's awesome about indulging my habit of stopping at interesting little diners along the way. The picture shown at the top of this article is from a Mollie's Cafe in Snowville, Utah. It was probably my favorite place we stopped on the way back, because it felt like the setting to a Twilight Zone episode. We also got to see Mollie, although briefly, and she looks how you'd expect, beehive hairdoo and all.

Since we've gotten back, I've found myself parked in front of my monitor trying to play catch up. I don't have a laptop which makes it difficult to work from the road. I have a lot of irons in the fire right now, which means that I will need to manage my time a little more briskly.

The new site is coming, expect it in early May, accompanied with a new YouTube Channel and a new name. I'm thrilled about the clean up, less thrilled about the push to get all of my subscribers onto the new channel, but what are you going to do? I never totally had my arms around the whole "subscriber thing" anyway. And since I started making stuff for Cinevore, my own channel has been a ghost town. I'm hoping to change this. I want everything to be streamlined and easier to find and I'm working on creating videos that are unVictorian Cut-out related and easy to make. Which means that there will be more of them. Probably video blogs.

I am now an official contributor to Nerd Reactor. So far I have written five pieces for them (two officially, threeunofficially), with two more on the way. You can expect at least one article a week from me, but they have tons of great articles and videos up not by me, so you should stop by. I'm enjoying myself so far regarding this new vocation, because it's providing me with a training ground that, up until now, had existed without others. While I can be a loner, when it comes to certain things, you need a second opinion to make it better and the folks at NR have been super nice. Since I've been writing like the wind, I'm hoping to send articles out to other publications soon.

May is also the time when you can expect season 2 of Victorian Cut-out Theatre. I'm hoping to try new things with the animation (we'll see how it goes). So..tell your friends.

There's more going on, but nothing I can really discuss until certain things are finished. Regardless, I'm excited about staying busy.

Take care,