Busy Week and Manual Labor

This week/weekend has been action packed. I've finished my most recent commissioned project, and turned it in to the client early Friday. I feel good about about it, as I worked very hard to make sure it was both something the client wanted and something I would be pleased to put my name on. The remainder of the weekend saw me spending time with my dad, who was visiting the western slope. I ate a great deal more than I usually do and happened to drink more beer than usual. (I've been on the hard alcohol diet, as I'm told that there are less calories in a glass of gin). I've also been writing and prepping episode 1 of the new season of Victorian Cut-out Theatre. I'm pretty proud of the script and feel like it's a strong beginning to a new season of the show. I also have two more write ups coming out for Nerd Reactor this week. One is a movie review for Parker, starring Jason Statham and the other may be a list or an essay, I haven't decided yet.

This week promises to be just as action packed, as I don't know day to day, if I'll be going back into the field for my day job, and returning to the manual labor I was so pleased to leave behind. Not to disparage manual labor, but when I left the sweltering heat for air conditioning, I didn't do it arbitrarily. This was a decision I made with full control of my senses. However, being outside working a shovel makes you appreciate all the more the pleasure of being inside working a keyboard.

Anyway, keep checking in, the site keeps getting better and better and a new video will premiere very soon.

Take care,