CBP Cinema Supper Club Episode 2 "Gonzo"

Howdy, This is a relatively recent film and the Supper Club's first documentary. We chose it because of our upcoming trip to the Sundance Film Festival as well as our admiration for writer Hunter S. Thompson. We thoroughly enjoyed the film and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in Thompson's writing or fringe writers of the 50s-70s. In honor of this film we made 50 cent Street Tacos as described in Thompson's novel The Rum Diary. The recipe we used for the tacos can be found below. To compliment the street tacos, we also made rum and cokes in celebration of Dr. Thompson's book, which is shooting now and should hit theaters soon. Once again, thank you for watching and if you have any ideas for movies we can watch or recipes for future Supper Clubs let us know. Buy the ticket-take the ride, Cigarette Burn Pictures 50 Cent Street Tacos Ingredients Chuck Steak (3 lb cubed) Cumin (1 tspn) Chili Powder 1 tspn) Garlic (salt) (1 teaspoonful) Tomato Sauce (1 can) Salt & Pepper (to taste) Brown chuck steak cubes in small amount of olive oil Add Cumin, chili powder, garlic, salt & pepper, tomato sauce Simmer for 1/2 to an hour (Depending on your stove) Put corn tortillas in a pan of oil and fry until crispy