CBP Sundance Video Blog 3

"Douchebag" was small, funny, touching and amazing. Below is the plot synopis:

"The week Sam Nussbaum is to be married, his fiancée questions why his only brother, Tom, isn’t coming to the wedding. Unsatisfied with his lame reply, she surprises Sam by bringing the brothers together. Sam is not happy, but he rarely is—unless he’s telling someone what to do. When it’s revealed that Tom has only been in love once—with his fifth-grade girlfriend—Sam insists they go find her. It soon becomes evident that their journey is simply an excuse for Sam to avoid his impending commitment."

Since this was the feature we picked that we really didn't know anything about, we of course didn't know what to expect. I was expecting something a tad more dramatic, but we found this film to be a perfect mix of drama and comedy. The story of two brothers rekindling their relationship through a roadtrip sounds like nothing new, but Director Drake Doremus delivers a refreshing take on an old formula. The actors in this film were understated and fantastic, and above all they delivered believable performances.

We had the opportunity to stay after and chat with the director, we was very kind and excited to meet with and talk to the audience. It was at this point that we realized that Sundance gives people the rare opportunity to not only see films, but actually interact with their creators. Below is a Q& A for one of the "Douchebag" screenings.