Cheese, Animation and Exercise

If I ever become a millionaire, I won’t spend money on an expensive foreign car, nor a large and empty house. I will however, spend an inordinate mount of money on cheese. I have a fondness for weird and expensive cheeses. I’m telling you this because I had to punish my cat yesterday for hopping on the counter and getting into a wedge of applewood smoked cheddar. This was clearly cause for anger, because cats should never be allowed to traverse “eating surfaces”, let alone steal food that isn’t theirs. However, my anger was compounded by the fact that this particular cheese was delicious and expensive and now rendered useless to me. I would also have to explain to my wife that I was a fool and left food unattended and our nefarious feline companion took advantage of my trusting nature, which is strange, because I don’t ever recall him taking after cheese before. Now that I think about it, I don’t know if I’m upset because the cheese was ruined or the realization that I have the same expensive taste in cheese as a being who cleans his rectum and genitalia with his mouth.

In other news, I’ve been test driving a new piece of software that will hopefully make my animation process easier. As I’ve mentioned in many other blogs, I began animation as a way to generate work on my own. The thought of doing simple video blogs hadn’t even occurred to me. Scheduling with actors had become a hassle and I decided that if I wanted to continue making movies and telling stories, I would have to do it all myself. All I had was Photoshop and Final Cut and those two programs are what I have used to animate for almost four years now…and it shows. There is a charm to the “clicky” frame by frame cut-out animation that I have hung my hat on over these past several years. Once again, time and schedules are becoming a factor in my creative endeavors and I find that in order to meet regular deadlines, I will have to find a way to make the workflow easier and more time effective and the old way of doing things will not do. I will likely finish out this season of VCoT with the old work style, but season three will be created with a professional program. In my animation tests so far, the transitions look to slick, if I’m going to maintain my current aesthetic I’ll need to find a filter that makes it look choppy. It’s weird that I’m seeking out ways to make my work less polished.

There are four more episodes left in this season of VCoT, which will make the series 22 episodes old. I have two of them written and outlines for several as well as an outside script that could be the other two. The final episode of season two will air in July I think, if we stick with the current scheduling trajectory. When I created the first proto-episode in 2010, I didn’t think that I would ever have enough material to cover 22 episodes (most of them really good). That’s a lot of hours of work to amass over one hour of entertainment. I’m a little gobsmacked right now.

In still other news, I need to get back to running, especially if I’m ever going to do that 5K this year. In Colorado, we become coated in snow and ice for several months throughout the year and while I’ve done a few turns on a treadmill, it was always so much easier to go home after work, put on my gear and take to the streets. The extra steps of going home, grabbing my gear, driving to the gym, paying four dollars and occasionally waiting for a machine to be free kept me from becoming a fixture at my local treadmillatorium. Now my discipline has depleted and I would rather eat cheese and drink tea than go for a run. I am also apparently becoming Wallace from Wallace and Gromit which is an animated show. Wow, I managed to tie this entire blog together.

Take care,