Cinematic music Videos: Even in the Rain/Easy Rider

Easy Rider is often referred to as a movie that crystalized a generation. I believe it. The film on the surface, is about two biker's trying to get to Mardi Gras. But underneath, we see a truly modern western that shows a innocent generation searching for a place in the harsh and turbulent American landscape. By the time we get to Mardi Gras, both men are disillusioned beyond belief. Having experienced love, laughter and loss, they realize the idealized America they were searching for doesn't exist. Sounds like the 60's alright.

Easy Rider is a cinematic classic and anyone who loves movies should have it on their watch list. The special edition DVD release is incredible and includes a retrospective that is just as good as the film itself. For those of you who don't know, the film was plagued by problems, not the least of which was Dennis Hopper's rollercoaster-like personality. Regardless, the film remains both a financial and critical success that has stood the test of time.

The Fiery Furnaces video for Even in the Rain is a handmade homage to not only Easy Rider, but the making of the film itself. The video does an excellent job of calling to mind the sometimes disjointed and psychedelic look of the film. We see clips of the Fiery Furnaces riding motorcycles with the aid of rear projection. But where the video really shines are its hilarious reenactments of what was going on behind the scenes. We even see comedian John Oliver playing Rip Torn.

Even in the Rain knows that no one can do an homage to Easy Rider and be taken seriously, so they give us something different, a lesson in film history.

-Rob Out.