Cinematic Music Videos Millennium/The Bond Films

I can't name anyone within my circle of friends, that doesn't have a favorite Bond film. This is a testament to the character's longevity after forty eight years. Even after some less than thrilling installments, the character keeps coming back. Six actors in total have portrayed the character in over 22 (official) films. Since his screen debut in 1962, with Dr. No, Bond has found a welcome home in pop culture. Making appearances in games, spin-off novels and toys, the character is everywhere. We know his catch phrases, his theme song, even how he takes his drink. Very few other fictional characters have such a legacy. Which is why it's no surprise that his style has been adapted, homaged and parodied into every form of entertainment.

When Robbie Williams' single Millennium hit the charts in 1998, everyone found themselves singing the catchy tune in the shower and on the way to work. But the real treat was the accompanying music video. The video features Williams, adorned in Bond's signature tuxedo while flaunting Bond's first car (The Aston Martin DB5) all to the theme of You Only Live Twice (Which the song uses as the hook). It becomes quite clear, with women in sexy 60's attire and the period sets, that Williams is himself a Bond fan. This seems to be an homage of the highest order.

The video itself lovingly appropriates just enough Bondisms to lets you know where it's coming from (You Only Live Twice: The Theme, From Russia With Love: The Lector/Lunchbox, Moonraker: The Space Suit, Thunderball: Jet Pack). Even the video was shot at Pinewood Studios, which is called The "James Bond Stage" because it is where a great many of the films were shot.

Williams even did a live performance for MTV Movie Awards. Decked out in Commander Bond's dress blues and adorned by women painted in gold- Williams live performance may have even topped the video. Sure the song is poppy as hell and Williams has all the markings of stage 1 douchebaggery, but the video is well done and you have to admit, the song is catchy. I think I may sit down for some Goldeneye...

-Rob Out.