Cinematic Music Videos: Scream/Night of the Living Dead

It would be virtually impossible for me to do a Halloween themed CMV article without bringing up The Misfits. Formed in the late 1970s, the band would go through several line-ups (too many to discuss here) as well as an evolving sound that would go on to influence the punk rock and metal scene for years to come. The thing that has always remained the same about the band has been a theme of horror. By using the genre to inform both their look and their music, this synthesis gave rise to the horror-punk sub genre.

With this obvious adoration for all things horror, it should come as no surprise that the Misfits eventually teamed up with a master of the genre, George Romero.

The band and Romero hooked up while Romero was filming his movie Bruiser, which featured The Misfits in a club scene. The band told Romero that they would record songs for the film's soundtrack, if he would direct a music video for their song Scream. Though business matters complicated the trade, Romero still agreed to direct their video.

In 1999, the music video for scream was created with Romero at the helm. Though this video doesn't necessarily homage any movie in particular (Zombies and Romero should be enough of a reference), the overall feel is very much Night, but there are moments that do remind me of Return of the Living Dead (the film that was co-created by Romero Night collaborator John Russo). It's also interesting to note that, the setting for this video is extremely similar to the hospital scene in Planet Terror. I wonder if Rodriguez was inspired by this video.

Anyway, the video is a lot of horrific, violent fun. Great song, great video. Perfect for Halloween.

SIDEBAR: Romero also directed a Japanese commercial for Resident Evil 2 (Bioshock 2 in Japan). It's cool that he did it...I'm also sure it was a lot cooler in 1998 when it was released. View it HERE.