Countdown to Halloween 2015!

This year Rob Walker Films is participating in the 2015 Countdown to Halloween . This means that I will be blogging about Halloween and horror movies every day this month. Please continue to check in for plenty of macabre goodies and also check the link for other blogs participating as well.

For the past three years I’ve taken a look at a horror film every day during the month of October. You can go back through the archives and give all of them a look if you want. Last year, with the arrival of my new child, I got a little help from my friends in finishing out the 31 entries. This year, however, I decided to do something a bit different. Instead of going over films that many of you have seen, I wanted to take a look at short films in the horror genre, many of which don't get the attention they deserve. These are films that are available for you to watch online and represent a wide swath of tastes and artistic visions. Some are very modern, some run more to the gothic, some are gory, and some are for all ages, but all of them are 10 minutes or less. The short format is one of the perfect mediums to display horror and I hope you look at this month’s collection as if it were a book of short stories. And like any great anthology, if you don’t like one, there will certainly be another right around the corner for you to try. So dig in and enjoy.