Countdown to Halloween 2015! #28 There Are Monsters (2008) Dir. Jay Dahl

There Are Monsters 2008 Dir. Jay Dahl

This is a slow burn of a short, but if you give it a chance to get under your skin…well… There Are Monsters plays a great deal off of the incidents of everyday life and how things seem just a little…off; A little girl outside your home, an absent cashier, and smiles that are just a bit too wide, all play on our fears of a darkness just under the surface of our clean and tidy world. There’s a bit here that feels like Invasion of the Body Snatchers but it really works.

A woman sees a little girl outside of her home staring into the trees. A man goes to a corner store to pick up ice cream and notices a mess in the aisle and an absent and then curiously happy cashier. The short culminates in a dinner party where the guest compare notes on weird happenings in their town, culminating in the realization that “…there are monsters and they are coming to get me.”