Countdown to Halloween 2015! #29 Mockingbird (2010) Dir. Maricelle Daywalt

Mockingbird 2010 Dir. Maricelle Daywalt

Effective horror plays on our life experiences. The things that have happened to us give a context for what we find funny or scary. Because of this, horror plays differently for everyone based on the lives they lead and their perspective on the world around them. When I first saw Mockingbird I was blown away by how effective the setup, tension, and punchline were, given such a short period of time.

A father is working from home listening to his wife and baby on a monitor from the other room

Everyone has enough context for this short to be effective and scary, but since first seeing it in 2010, I have become a father and there’s not a day that goes by I don’t think about Mockingbird. I felt the same way after seeing The Babadook. Becoming a parent makes the world a much more terrifying place and Maricelle Daywalt clearly knows how to get to the heart of that fear in less than two minutes.