Countdown to Halloween 2015 #31: Titano (2015) Dir. Ben Chavda

Titano (2015) Dir. Ben Chavda

Titano is a beautiful little short that takes a look at the horror movie villains of days gone by and the performers that play them.

An old man looks up at a faded movie poster and remembers a time when the world knew him as the terrifying monster TITANO, star of a dozen old films. What he doesn’t know is that once the sun goes down, he will have one last opportunity to give the performance of a lifetime and deliver a scare that will never be forgotten!

The Titano character and films depicted in the short are really remenscient of Rondo Hatton and his “Creeper” character for Universal Studios. Hatton was a brutish looking performer and often played bone-crushing characters onscreen. There is also a touch of Bela Legosi from Tim Burton’s Ed Woodin this one. Actor Irwin Keyes does an excellent job as the actor who played Titano, bringing a genuine pathos to the life of a gentleman of horror.