On the docket

While time has been at a premium of late and will become more precious when I finally go back to my day job, projects are still being developed much to my delight.

A horror script I wrote for a contest a while back has been updated to suit the needs of friend and colleague Loren Gilley. He will be directing it and I couldn’t be more thrilled because A) He’s brilliant behind the camera and B) It is actually getting made. The hardest part about screenwriting is that you’re never sure if they are going to get filmed. I am so psyched that this one is.

I am also working on a tiny project for Dr. Bob Nicholson at Edge Hill University. He is responsible for the forthcoming Victorian Meme Machine which explores how Victorian humor fares in the context of today’s society. I will be creating an animation for the project which will use a Victorian era joke to see if it is possible to make such writing funny today.

Victorian Cut-out Theatre is still being worked on, I’m putting together scripts for the next season and Matt Conant at Cinevore has been kind enough to shoot me some feedback. My hope is to make season 3 of Victorian Cut-out Theatre the best one ever. I want the stories tighter, the sound crisper and the animation cleaner. Let’s see if I can pull it off.

Walker’s Talkers will return soon. Right now it’s just easier for me to write things down, but rest assured that new video blogs are on their way.

I’m on a bit of a hiatus from Nerd Reactor until things calm down, but should be back soon. I’m also still writing essays for Cardiff Book History, so check those out!

Those are the concrete projects being developed from Rob Walker Films. I hope you enjoy ten as they come out and I thank you for your patience and kind attention.

Take care,