Drive-in Anniversaries

It has seven years since I was at a drive in. In 2007 I was there with my ex-girlfriend (now wife) to watch the inexplicable pairing of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and The Invisible. We stayed through both screenings because, according to my wife, “we paid for both of them.” Looking back, we probably could have skipped The Invisible, the story of a ghost-girl attempting to help people solve her (almost?) murder. We probably could have also skipped Pirates 3 now that I think about it. I wonder what was playing on the other screen.

This past weekend, my wife and I attempted a return to the drive-in as an addendum to our 4 year anniversary, an event we both cherish, but one we both forget every single year. I say attempted because…well, I really should have gotten a babysitter. Since our son was born, I have opted to not take him to the movies. Crying babies in movie theaters are the worst kind of offense, just a notch above talking during the picture and cell phone fiddling. Consequently, my wife and I haven’t been to many films recently, which is a shame because we used to go all the time. However, I thought that we might have a chance at a drive-in. We’re in our own vehicle and he can sleep in his car seat, he’s done it before after all. This turned out to be ill-conceived since my son’s central preoccupation is to absorb and digest all stimuli. He was on full alert at the new sights and sounds, making our ability to relax and take in the movie a bit difficult. We were at the drive-in a grand total of 3 hours and twenty minutes, most of which consisted of eating junk food, people watching, and trying to get him to sleep before the films started. We got to see the trailers and the first twenty minutes of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation before we left, his screams heralding our departure.
I look forward to the day when my son not sleeping when he’s supposed to can include silence.
The first episode of VCoT Season 3 is done. I could continue to fiddle with it, but I don’t know how much of that would be me trying to make it better, or me trying to delay the process because I’m afraid to continue, and I’ve done enough delaying. It’s time to push onward. I’m currently working on the character models for the second episode titled “Trolls”. This episode was written by Matt Conant and made me laugh out loud when I first read it. I’m very excited for this script to be a part of season 3. With luck, I can record dialogue this week and set to animating by the weekend.

Of the things I have been putting into my brain this week, I have to recommend the film What We Do in the Shadows. It’s a vampire mockumentary, that deconstructs the genre in some really clever ways while also having some funny and poignant things to say about life. It’s a beautiful counterpoint to the reserved and lingering Only Lovers Left Alive. I have also been listening to Storm Front, the first Dresden Files book which isn’t bad although I keep wishing it was Cast a Deadly Spell which is an HBO film from the 80s that feels like Dresden Files inverted. I like pulp noir with a twist, but I just kept catching myself wishing it was set in the 1940s. I’m told that the series gets better and I may continue to give them a shot.

Take care,