The Feeding: Television Edition

Feeding an infant is a stationary business, it is for this reason that my wife and I have been camped out in the living room for almost three weeks now. Our mega-couch now serves as the summit base on our climb to parenthood. Pillows, blankets and milking machinery strewn about make it all look a bit like a squatter’s nest. Because of this new living situation, we’ve had the opportunity to watch a great deal of television. Fraiser, An Idiot Abroad, MST3K and The Gilmore Girls have been a constant fixture of our daily routines, so much so that I haven’t been able to get The Gilmore Girls theme song out of my head. It lingers there even now, letting me know that “If I lead, it will follow, anywhere…” This theme song struck an even deeper chord after I witnessed the Too Many Cooks video that took the internet by storm a few days ago.

That is really the best way to describe viewing this 11 minute postmodern masterpiece. You witness it, you don’t watch it. As a matter of fact, it watches you. What does the video even mean? Is this Hell’s sitcom? Is that murderer a demon who controls everything ala Stay Tuned. Is it a commentary on television history? These were the thoughts that went through my head at 3 in the morning, and a definitive answer may never be available. However, the creators of the show have a great Reddit that offers some clues.

Animation for a side project has been going slower than I’d like, but it is coming along. Time is certainly at a premium but I’m finding moments here and there to develop projects. This new video is a bit special, as 98 percent of the script is patched together from jokes written in the 1800s. I’m trying to give these jokes a more modern context to see if they still play and am eager to see what people think about it. I’m also eager to try something a little different stylistically from the normal VCoT recipe. Having been developing Victorian Cut-out Theatre for over two years, it has taught me much and is still teaching me. But I think I need to start forcing myself to try new things with small odd side projects. That’s how the series began, and I might find my way into other great ideas by simply…playing.

Also, on the subject of television, Arrow and Flash continue to be amazing, Constantine is gaining some really good steam, Forever is a romantic mystery with a fantasy hook which I hope doesn’t get cancelled, and GothamGotham is kicking some major ass in my opinion. It’s not as fully realized as Arrow, but I think it may have finally hit its stride as a purveyor of weird crime. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go feel guilty for watching so much TV.