Filling my time

For the four of my family members that really enjoy the video blogs, I’m sorry for their disappearance. In the meantime, I suggest you check out some of my other work. I should point out, that there has been no lack of output on my end, even as the spectre of fatherhood looms. My medium changes, but the same amount of work gets created. Someday this may actually be my full time job. It will be glorious when I’ll no longer have to split my time, but for now, concessions must be made.

I have been invited to guest blog for Cardiff University. They were kind enough to ask me to post my VCoT videos and write essays about them and their connection to Victorian culture. This is exciting news because Victorian enthusiasts seem to really enjoy the series, but they are a notoriously difficult group to find*. When trying to gather an audience for the series I always imagined smokey Paris cafes filled with people in scarves reading books, or in libraries hunched over copies of McSweeny’s. Which is why It’s not surprising that a nest of them has been discovered in the halls of academia in the country of Wales. Intelligent people like my work, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have that kind of an audience. This may mean I’ll have to replace my "We don't have town drunks, we all take turns" beer coozie with a Cardiff University beer coozie. Do they even have those? Anyway, I’ll keep you all updated on my essays as the appear. You can read the first one by clicking HERE.

I’ve also been keeping up with articles for Nerd Reactor. I’d like to do longer pieces for them again. Hopefully in the coming months I’ll be able to do some essays I’ve been meaning to get to.

Mostly though, I’ve been working on writing projects, making silly videos with the help of my sister, as well as a few other “ODDS AND ENDS”. VCoT scripts are coming along and I’m hoping to tinker with the new animation program soon. So I’ll probably be knocking on the digital door of Mr. Chris Potako who is a brilliant and funny guy and is also an Adobe genius. It also helps that he was horror-stricken when he learned how I actually animate episodes of VCoT, so he seems eager to show me the way. I’m ready to streamline the process as much as possible. Maybe I can take on an intern for next season to help me with the animation grunt work. I also have a new animated project I’m in early stages of. I’m excited about it because of who I’m working with…I’ll tell you when its ready.

No, things have been busy and they’ll only get busier when our new roommate arrives. Then I imagine we will achieve some sort of equilibrium, as chaotic as this new state may be.

I’m amazed that I’ve still found made time to write, shoot and animate along with my day job and home life.

I’m hoping that time management is the key to all of this. I look at folks like Matt and Stephanie over at Cinevore and they must be very good with their time to accomplish all they have done. They may also be supernatural beings. Stephanie does hail from “Dracula country”, and there are rumors that Matt is a robot filled with Mountain Dew. Maybe I’ll take a note from their 2010 playbook and create a web series based off of my odd work schedule. Staring at the camera hollow-eyed, fussy baby in my arms, explaining my use of Adobe After Effects. Maybe that is the future of Waker’s Talkers.

*The worlds of Steampunk, Victorianists, and comedy fans don’t often intersect it seems. I’ve had to look for fellowship person by person instead of by group.