"Gentleman of the Road" Ani-Logue 7

The seed of the "Animated Monologue" as it is today began with a comic I created when I was working retail. I only did the one comic, but I had plans for others. One such idea was me on the road, in the Great Depression, getting accosted by a well known media mogul who, in the context of the story, was rather fond of stabbing hobos. (Steve and I find situations such as these hilarious for some dark and unknown reason)

Having completed six animated monologues (one of which is now in a film festival), I decided to pull this idea off the shelf and see if I could do something with it. The result is "Gentleman of the Road". It's creation has come at a time when money is tight in our household, so I think my current financial state helped in this project coming to fruition. At a time when money is tight for many, I find that laughter these days seems to be greatly needed. I certainly hope I didn't short change you. If you like what you see, please tell your friends and repost this little number on your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or send a link through e-mail, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Keep on keepin' on,

-Rob Out.