The Gentleman's Guide to Gaming: Ghostbusters

I definitely won't make RPG reviews a part of the website. However, I have been dipping into the hobby more and more, as I find that it is an excellent tool with which to stimulate creativity. If this isn't your thing, I suggest you skip the video.

If by chance you have even the slightest interest in roleplaying games, I highly reccommend picking up a copy of The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen. This is less a game and more of an improv excersie. There are no stats to keep track of, and if done right, you can add liquor and food to the mix, making it an excellent party game.

In other news...

I wasn't able to make it to Philadelphia this year for the festival. I really hope people enjoyed my film and that there were more people in attendance than there were last year. To those who watched Son of a Beach at last year's festival, I owe you both a beer.

If I manage to develop another film of quality and manage to get accepted again to PFAF, I look forward to returning to Philadelphia, seeing the super-cool Stephanie and Matt again (They are wonderful people!), and chatting with James Rolfe about monster movies. Here's hoping.

-Rob Out