Guest Video "A Way Out" Dir. Lincoln Hayes

The idea for this short came to me one night while my girlfriend and I were getting ready for bed. It came to me in pieces and after a few minutes I bounced a few ideas off of her and said, “What do you think?” She said, “Yeah, that could work.” We tossed a few more ideas around and I wrote up a preliminary “treatment”, so to speak, in one of my many writing journals strune about my apartment. There it sat for a LONG time – at least 6 months – before I picked it up again and said, “Let’s make this.” I wrote it up, Rachel approved (as she’s the Young Woman in the short), I contacted by buddy Brian Crawford Scott who agreed to be dead for us, and set a date to shoot.

I also used this project as a chance to use my new steady cam rig that I had made all by my little self. Shooting was cake (only about 2 hours) – all in our apartment – then I set to editing, which also only took a handful of hours. I asked another friend Brendon Thomas of Foreverinmotion if I could use one of his songs for the credits and he said, “Of course, dude.” And thus we have “A Way Out” starring the lovely and talented Rachel Riendeau and Brian Crawford Scott with a special cameo by Oliver our cat (he likes to force his way into my movies).

Rob asked if he could post this on the CBP site and of course I agreed. He and they are awesome, so why wouldn’t I? Plus, more exposure for us is always a good thing, right? One thing that always makes me chuckle about my two flicks so far is that I always get the same question: “Wow, that was really good. What did you shoot it on?” Just a Canon camcorder guys, really. I’m not sure if that means they like my camera work, lighting, or what, but I’ll take the compliment nonetheless! I have two other projects I’m working on right now. “Change of Address” which we started shooting and I hope to complete soon and another short called “Magic Man (Working Title)”. Hopefully I can get those shot and chopped in the coming months and have them up on the YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

You can find me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter at @lincolnlhayes. Thanks Rob and CBP! Best of luck with the Philadelphia Filmathon!