Halloween, Ghostbusters, RPGs and Honeymoons


Halloween is almost upon us, and every year I want to plan a bunch of cool content for October, but as always, life seems to intervene and I'm only able to do a few Halloween related things. Well this year is no different, as I will be on my honeymoon (YAY!) the 12th through the 24th. Disneyland will be on the itinerary and I look forward to riding The Haunted Mansion and Indiana Jones Adventure no less than three time each! However, I am finally working on my RPG review for the Gentleman Gamer on The Ghostbusters RPG, which will be posted this Monday. (I recently DM'd my first D&D game this past weekend and found it most enjoyable) Also, I will be doing a special edition of Cinematic Music Videos which will include several horror themed videos as well as the one everybody has been clambering for, the king of them all-Thriller. Also next month, I'll try my best to pop in a few horror related movie reviews if time permits.

Until then, I leave you with these Ghostbusters prints done by the insanely brilliant Dan Schoening, as found on Deviant Art. I can't fully express how much I adore these art pieces. They look like stills from feature length cartoon. Anyway, check his stuff out! He also has some wonderfully rendered homages to A Christmas Story and Back to the Future.

-Rob Out.

"Let's show this prehistoric bitch how we do things downtown!"

"The Keymaster"

Venkman: "Remember when you tried to drill a hole in your head?"

Egon: "That would've worked, if you hadn't stopped me."

"Wasn't he also 'Viggo the Butch'?"