Heat crazies, Teething, and Facebook farewells

These past two weekends have seen my family and I trying fruitlessly to stay cool while temperatures reach a hellish scale. Our house has no air conditioning so we have been running window fans at night like primitives. I realize that my neck of the woods has thus far remained in the double digits and therefore I should have very little to complain about. However, since my people are “snow and rain people”, the high nineties are about as hot as we can irritably handle before we completely lose our shit and wither up like Christopher Lee at the end of Horror of Dracula.

With the start of every new project a certain amount of anxiety sets in for me. Most of the time I am allowed to continue to develop and complete the work without incident, but there are rare occasions when this anxiety teams up with perfectionist leanings and becomes a perfect storm of paralysis. I am happy to say that I think I’ve moved passed this into the realm of excitement. In short, I’m thrilled for you guys to finally see what I’ve been putting together. It’s good, it’s funny, and I think the process has gotten easier. With any luck this next episode won’t take nearly as long and I can continue to bust these out like an assembly line. So close. I really am so close to being finished.

Professionally, this week has been a good one. I’ve found myself working on a new script for MOOT, two new podcasts, and was invited to a pitch meeting where I was asked to develop promos for a local theater. These things helped balance the other half of my life wherein my son is now cutting his second row or razor sharp fangs. His teething used to include week long breaks in between each new ivory tusk, now his metamorphosis is constant. He doesn’t sleep, he just keens like some creature out of Celtic mythology, and there is a moment before I open the door to his room to see if I can get him to stop, when I become discouraged at the knowledge that he is unstoppable.

I did not attend comic con, and doubt I ever will. It just seems like too much. I prefer Denver where the crowds aren’t so large and it’s less like a trade show. Although I’m sure we’ll get there someday. However, I am still prone to geek-out over the news and trailers that come out of the event. As it stands right now, I am head over heels for the Sherlock Christmas Special trailer, where it looks like Holmes and Watson return to their Victorian time period. I am thrilled with both Suicide Squad and Deadpool (yes I watched both of the terrible bootlegs) and I remain oddly curious about Batman V Superman. Man of Steel was such a dark-tinged mixed bag that, more than anything, I’m eager to see what weird ideas they bring to the table on this one. I am also looking forward to Joss Whedon's new comic Twist about "Victorian-female-Batman".

On another note, I’m not sure I can promote using Facebook anymore. As some of you may or may not be aware, Facebook has been charging for promotion as a part of their business model, which means that if your post has a link in it, it’s circulation is capped at 5% of your audience. It’s like if Facebook were a theatre and everyone in the theatre is blindfold. So a theatre of people are blindfolded and can’t see the movies I’m screening unless I pay the theatre owner to remove the blindfolds. I paid a monthly price last year and didn’t really see any positive change on my end and therefore I've decided not to do the same this year. It is Facebook’s right to run their business how they want, after all we use the service they provide. However, I’m not sure it’s working for me anymore and I don’t have money to continue to pour into the FB grinder to remove your blindfolds. I’m also tired of telling people to click this box or that tab just so they can see my work. I’ll leave the VCoT and RWF pages up so you still can reach me there. But if you like my work, I ask that you help me by sharing it with your friends yourself via whatever social media you prefer. And please continue to check in at robwalkerfilms.com for news and videos and I’ll give it to you straight. No middle men, I promise. If you want to talk to me, send me an email at robwalkerfilms@gmail.com or find me on twitter @timidwerewolf. Thank you for your continued support.

Take care,