Horror Movie Matters #27: The Blob 1958 Dir. Irvin Yeaworth

#27: The Blob 1958 Dir. Irvin Yeaworth

The Blob is a fine example of 1950's schlock, marketed specifically to teenage audiences. The film beings with a teenage couple at "Lover's Lane", watching the sky, when they see a meteor fall to earth. Unbeknownst to them, an old man finds the meteor and his hand is consumed by the gooey stuff inside. After almost running him over, the couple take the old man to the doctor where the alien goop eats him whole. The more this "blob" consumes, the larger it gets.

Some film scholars have said that The Blob is a thinly veiled propaganda piece about the growing threat of communism. The filmmakers have denied this and I have to agree. If one were making anti-communist propaganda, you could probably do better than The Blob. Cinema myths aside, this film is a great deal of fun and features a young Steve McQueen is his first leading role.

The Blob spawned a comedy sequel as well as a remake and several homages, most notably in Monsters Vs. Aliensas well as Spiderman 3. This film is also best remembered for its crowded panic at the movie theater scene. If you want to see the beginnings of teenage marketing in a fun 1950s film, The Blob is certainly the way to go.