Horror Movie Matters #28: Horror of Dracula 1958 Dir. Terence Fisher

#28 Horror of Dracula (1958 Dir. Terence Fisher)

I wanted a proper Dracula film on this list, one that I thought would best represent the character as we know him. While I adore Tod Browning's original film for the performances of Bela Lugosi and Dwight Frye, it's a slog to get through and holds a special place for perhaps only the most die hard horror fans. I also wanted to feature a Hammer film on the list, because their adaptations of Universal classics made these gothic tales more frightening and slick than their predecessors, as well as bringing them to a new audience.

Horror of Dracula, is perhaps the best example of the Dracula story ever put to screen, that is, if you don't mind the script straying from the book. This film features grandiose sets, wonderful performances from it's cast and the promise of sex, all rendered in glorious COLOR. Horror spawned several sequels (many of them awful), but still remains one of the best Hammer horror films ever produced. The final battle between VanHelsing (Peter Cushing) and Dracula (Chistopher Lee) is the stuff cinema dreams are made of. This clash between good and evil is so fast paced and skillfully directed, that by the time the Count turns to dust, you have to catch your breath.