Horror, Technology and October

I wrote a short horror script two days ago. It was for a neat side project with NR. I began writing at 5:00 AM and in 2 hours, I was finished with the first draft. It turned out really well. So much so, I thought, that if NR didn’t want to use it, I would just use a version of it for something else. It turns out it is being used, and while I don’t dare say anything about it right now, the horror fan/monster kid in me is squealing for joy on the inside. There are other reasons for this elation aside from people liking my work enough to produce it, but I can’t speak those reasons aloud for fear that they will never come true. Even as an adult, I observe the secret rules of superstition. You can blame my family for these old world bugaboos. Please keep your fingers crossed that this works out, I don’t necessarily want to “win the contest”, I just want to play in the game.

In other creative news, I’ve been testing After Effects before I purchase a subscription. As I’m working my way through tutorials and Photoshop, it dawns on me that I should have kept up with the ever churning machine of filmmaking technology. I won’t tell you how far behind I am, as I am still exhausted from confessing my digital sins to the hilarious Mr. Chris Potako. Regardless of being late to the party, I’m here now and I’m excited to see what this new tool can do. I felt this way when I was with CBP, and we graduated from iMovie to Final Cut*. I still maintain, however, that it’s not the tools, but how you use them. There’s something wrong when you can shoot a summer blockbuster, but you don’t know how to make a short film. Technology can hamper you as much as help, and I hope to keep a guerrilla theatre mindset while keeping up with the changes in tools available.

Anyway, I’ll be using AE to make the new season of VCoT. You may notice a “slicker” quality to the videos from here on out, something that I have mixed feelings about. I tell you this though, it will be lovely not to animate in the same fashion that I have been for the past three years. Frankly, I’m a little relieved that Chris, Stephanie and Matt have suggested this when they did. In case you didn't know, animation is exhausting. I plan to put some tests online soon for the entertainment or curiosity of those who may be interested.

Here in my neck of the woods, there is a chill that is beginning to permeate the air and I am reminded of Ray Bradbury and the fact that Halloween, and more importantly, the birth of my son is right around the corner. These thoughts are all intertwined for me, because October might be my favorite month for weather, and Halloween has always been my favorite holiday**. And as many people know, the holiday used to belong to Poe and has since been claimed by author Ray Bradbury after writing such works as The October Country, The Halloween Tree, From the Dust Returned and Something Wicked This Way Comes. It’s that last title that has me wondering about the month and the holiday and the forthcoming boy. I wonder if we’re going to receive a Will Holloway: thoughtful and cautious, or a Jim Nightshade: brash and adventurous. Like many, I’ve always wanted to be a bit more like Jim, casting off my bedsheets, running into the night to join a circus. But I am, for good or bad, more of a Will. Cautious, perhaps too cautious which is why it’s good to have a partner who is loud and sometime abrasive and occasionally gets better results with her hammer of a personality than I can with my kind and measured responses. Either way, we will love him and show him monster movies and trick or treating and the magic of make believe. Whether or not he wants to join a circus of the damned will be entirely up to him. Hopefully we will have prepared him for this scenario by the time Cougar and Dark’s Pandemonium Shadow Show rolls into town.

*Laugh if you want, but you have to start somewhere.

**I adore Thanksgiving and Christmas, but neither has held the same kind of pull on me since childhood.