The Hughes Reviews: Sixteen Candles

This really is the movie that started it all. Which is probably why it took me all damn month to review this film. I've been trying to crack this for the past several weeks and it wasn't until recently that I was able to really get to the heart of why this movie is so special. While writing the review (and waiting for things to render) I was able to watch Don't you Forget About Me, a wonderful tribute film to John Hughes and it reminded me of why I wanted to review these films in the first place. If you have Netflix and are a Hughes fan, I highly suggest that you give it a look. The filmmakers definitely nail it.

Side Note: Some of you know, I'm a huge movie poster fiend (especially rare or special editions) This poster found at Poster Cabaret, is one of the best modern versions of a classic poster I've seen in years. Jay Ryan has done a series for the John Hughes films. I'll have to see if I can get my hands on his Ferris Bueller one sheet.

Side Side Note: When the final scene of Sixteen Candles was homaged in Community (Contemporary American Poultry) I lost it. I hope they keep the pop culture references coming. Everyone should be watching this show!

Anyway, next month is The Breakfast Club and I'd like to open it up more and maybe try something different...we'll see. Also, my schedule is starting to open up a bit and the extra time I will be filling with animations and new live action projects, so be sure to check out next month, we have a lot of cool stuff cooking.

Until then...

-Rob Out.