"Human Larva" Ani-Logue 6 Dir. Rob Walker

Summer is usually "Wedding Season" but lately it feels a bit more like "Baby Season" and no, I don't mean to hunt babies. For those of you who think that, there is a short for you HERE.

As much as the Animated Monologues are experiments for me, they have also become something of a "journal" series. Usually whatever I'm thinking about at the time, ends up in these videos. Most of the time the "Ani-Logues" show me working through a thought process or trying to answer a question. Each of these questions lead me to what I believe to be very accurate scenarios.

Anyway... If you visit the site on a regular basis, please tell your friends, repost the videos elsewhere and link back to them on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc. We'd really appreciate it. And if you like what you see, please let us know at cigaretteburnpictures@yahoo.com

Thank you so much for watching and continuing to tune it every week.

-Rob Out.