I AM LEGEND is an Award Winner!

The Lyric Cinema Cafe held it's first "Local Filmmaker Night" yesterday. This event was meant to bring local filmmakers together to connect with one another, give each other feedback as well as screen for the local audience. There were cash prizes that were mainly an incentive for people entering their movies for screenings. They hope to make this a monthly thing and we hope to enter this event again in the coming months. To the owner, Ben, we local filmmakers can't thank you enough for putting this event together. We really appreciate the opportunity.

As some of you may have heard Cigarette Burn Pictures took THIRD PLACE for their fan-favorite I AM LEGEND. This marks our first award for filmmaking. I always told the guys that once we'd won an award, I would put one of those "Film-palm-logo things" on our films. The time is now!

Here is the logo that looks official but wasn't commissioned by anyone important. Gaze upon it! We're respectable now. We can now wander around art installations, in skinny jeans, and a jacket with patches on the elbows. We will have scarves wrapped pretentiously around our necks and wear glasses that aren't prescription all while monologuing about how Inception was a piece of popular pedestrian tripe and that "real cinema" can only be achieved by artists whom nobody has heard of. Then we will each drink a Budweiser, because it is ironic.

-Rob Out.