Illness and horrific visions

This is going to make me sound like a weirdo, but I find the body aches and fever kind of relaxing while I’m ill. I’m kind of a tightly wound person, so when I become the brand of sick where I can’t do anything but lie down, its almost like a vacation. More’s the better if I become so shackled to the bed with fever and sweats that my mind starts to eat itself. There are people the world over that pay money for that kind of sensation, and occasionally, I get it for free. Nothing compares to that eldritch dread the sneaks up on you when you’re that sick. When your brain turns to you and says, “Hey, kid! Wanna see something really F***ed up?” Then a carnival of your darkest fears and memories are paraded before you while your stare into the abyss. I never made it entirely to the “hallucinating/spirit quest” portion of the sickness, which is a shame, because if your going to get ill, you might as well get horrifying visions out of the deal.

As I type this I am still coughing and blowing my nose, but through the modern marvel of medicine, I am able to function as something other than a somnambulistic automaton. I am currently way behind, both at work and in my other pursuits. I missed two rehearsals for the play that I am in, and this illness has managed to drag out my work on the new VCoT. Rest assured these things will happen, but it’s just going to take me a bit to get my footing again.

The good news is that I have two more contributors to my Patreon campaign. This campaign is not meant to make me rich, but instead help to replace equipment and update software so that I can keep doing what I am doing. As it stands right now, if my computer were to die tomorrow it would be a long time before I could afford another one. Because of this, all of my video production, meager though it is, would cease. Contributions to my Patreon campaign will help me keep making videos and if you like what I do, I could really use your support.

On a less “mercenary” note, how ‘bout that Penny Dreadful preview, huh! Unfortunately, I don’t get to watch as much television as I would like, or at least not as much as is required to be as pop-culturally literate as some of my contemporaries*. I have room in my diet for Game of Thrones, Hannibal** and The Walking Dead. And since The Walking Dead is on hiatus, there is a spot to fill. I was hoping to fill it with a comedy, but nothing seems to hold a candle to 30 Rock. And while I do enjoy both Parks and Recreation and Community, nothing keeps me coming back for those shows like the one’s previously mentioned. So I’ve been circling monster shows like a shark hoping for something of value.

I have been excited about Penny Dreadful since they first announced it, for the same reasons I was excited about Dracula on NBC. There is a space in my brain that is tinged in silver twilight. It is a pan-European vision populated by provincial villagers, mad scientists, reanimated corpses, blood-drinking aristocrats, and bipedal-lupine monstrosities. This place has existed in my brain since I was four years old and I have been obsessed in finding other material that will reinforce this vision. NBC’s Dracula, seemed more interested in making the vampiric Count a Byronic hero by way of Nicola Tesla. This may have worked for some folks, but wasn’t what I was looking for. Upon look ing at the recent pilot episode of Penny Dreadful however, I was pleased to see a show, where the monsters were treated as threats. I was also pleased to see wild west shows, Egyptology museums and explorer’s clubs. If you’ve seen a single episode of Victorian Cut-out Theatre you may not be surprised to hear this. My tastes are specific when it comes to classic horror, modern mashups don’t really work for me. You can read a bit more of my thoughts on Penny Dreadful HERE. Otherwise you should just watch the first episode.

*My friend Kyle Anderson gets paid (more or less) to shove visual culture into is brain as fast as he can in an effort to excrete articles for the “Phillip K. Dickian mega-corporation” called NERDIST.

**This one…seems to be waning for me. There are some leaps in character happening that I’m not sure I buy.