The Illusion of Progress

I can't tell you how lovely this long weekend has been. I've been burning the candle at both ends as of late, and really enjoyed the extra time to relax and work on things I actually wanted to be working on. I've eaten my weight in pie, watched several episodes of Boardwalk Empire, played several games of Left 4 Dead. I've also managed to finish two Video Blogs, an article for Nerd Reactor and this months' episode of Victorian Cut-out Theatre. Huzzah! This week I'll no doubt go back to the ever churning grind my day job has become, but for now, I'm pleased with the illusion of progress.

This is probably the first year during the holidays in which I feel like an autonomous adult. Previous years dictated a plan that included "all of the families", however through circumstances both good and bad, this year we decided to do what we wanted. We invited friends and family along, sure, but our plans did not rest upon anyone's shoulders but our own. It felt good. I suppose future holidays such as this might be too much to ask for, but one can hope. If this were 2005, my family and I would be in Craig, Colorado waiting for the parade of lights, after feasting on Chinese food at The Galaxy.* But the bittersweet sands of time require that we make new memories and traditions, and I think we are better for it. However, as good as this Thanksgiving was, it was not without the barest few of awkward moments. If you're like me, you try to steel your psyche for these mini-events; wrapping yourself in humor and good-will like a bulletproof vest until everyone is comfortable. In the adventure party of life, I am definitely a "healer", or if "diplomat" was a class, I'd be that. In any event, food was made and consumed. Stories were told and laughs were had by all. This is the fabric of Thanksgiving. Which makes it better than Christmas I think. And, since it's on a Thursday, many of us get a few extra days with which to recover, rest, or in my case, sit at my computer animating.

This new episode may be a tad late, but I'm happier with it than the episode it will be replacing. I hate the fact that I put effort into something that was bad, only to deliver something late, but I'd rather it be late and good, than on time and terrible. I wonder if The Simpsons ever finished an episode only to realize that it was unwatchable? Probably not. They have a team of writers and VCoT is just me. I've had many offers to "perform" in the series, but few to help me write it. I would be open to guest writers, but find that the show has such a specific voice that we would all have to be aboard the same humor unicycle for the scripts to fit. Regardless, I care about my work and want others to as well. This sometimes requires a bit more elbow grease than normal, but I think it's worth it in the end. So stay tuned, and if you wouldn't mind inundating your friends with Victorian Cut-out Theatre on social media, that would help me out a lot.

Another bit of good news, J.J. Anderson, the author of "Trailer Park Juggernauts", was kind enough to feature one my short stories on his blog. This man is a published author, which means he has infinitely more credibility than I have and I couldn't be more grateful to him for the opportunity. You can read the short story HERE, and while you're at his site, definitely check out the other short works being featured, they're all quite good.

You can also see a new Video Blog up right now. In it I discuss Thanksgiving and my guilt about not exercising all weekend. I hope these Vlogs catch on, they're fun to do and I have a few episodes planned for the future, including one about how Parks and Recreation exhibits the perfect example of disparate political views coming together to create a working government.

Take care,


*The Galaxy is now gone, which is a shame. it seems the older I get, the more vestiges from my past fade away.