Insomnia blog

I am awake typing this at 3:35 AM.

My allergies are giving me fits and I find that it’s usually in the early morning hours these days. So rather than stuff tissues up my nose and deal with it, I’m up. I cannot go into specifics right now, but this week has been strange and stressful (as have the past two weeks) and looks to continue to be this way for at least a little while yet. I also apologize for not posting regularly to the written blog, but you do now have the video blogs to keep you company.

It’s always when I’m awake and the rest of the world is sleeping that I begin to search my brain, soul and the internet for solutions to whatever it is I’m struggling with at the moment. I usually come up with some great ideas, but then I remember that it’s insanely early and the only other people that are awake are probably fashioning notebooks out of human skin.

The dual subjects of money and careers have been on my mind recently, particularly the words of Harlan Ellison and Stephanie Yuhas Conant. Ellison is known for his "Pay the writer" arguments in both essays and interviews. This viewpoint is inarguable, especially today when everyone in the entertainment industry seems to be in a constant state of internship. My friend Stephanie Yuhas has a slightly different take, however. She once said that you should always get paid, but collaborating with friends and other low budget filmmakers for free is actually a good thing. Although, when you work for corporations-NEVER work for free. I’m recounting all of this to you, dear reader, because I think I have started to come to terms with being a freelancer (at least part-time for now). A recent failure on my part recently has let me look at things a bit differently and I think I have a plan with which I can move forward. This plan does, however, include hustling for work on my own, which I’ve never been very comfortable with. Now is as good a time as any I suppose. "Shakespeare gotta get paid, son."

I’ve been tinkering away at various projects whenever I can find the time to do so, as I’ve mentioned previously, this month be crazy. The new Victorian Cut-out Theatre seems to be coming along, although, like it’s predecessor, "If Wishes Were Horses", I find that it has to be wittled down to its essence. This editing should leave me with a script that is lean on time, but plentiful with jokes and character. I had a friend tell me recently that the best episodes of VCoT. seem to be the one’s where it’s just a conversation between two characters. Nothing too visually elaborate, just two people…talking. In tinkling back to a review from Animation Nation, I realize that has been a common theme.* I feel like it’s only recently though that I’ve really taken the time to craft the scripts according to brevity and wit specifically. Eschewing some of the more elaborate references or easter eggs. So far, I think the episodes are better for it.

It is now 5:16 AM as I finish this and I’ve fallen down some cool rabbit holes on the internet. For instance, did you know that MONDO did an art show all about Tales From the Crypt? It dawns on me now that I will be 32 this Tuesday and also that I miss my mother. I'm not surprised. These are the awkward and emotional things one thinks about at this early our, when college students are making their way home after a night of drinking, sanitation engineers are beginning to make their rounds and the deranged are probably putting the finishing touches onto their skin tomes.

Take care,


*I’ve always been extremely grateful for that short review.