Magic words and beginnings

As I type this, I am once again waging a battle for my project. For some reason the product I have been rendering to video looks terrible, despite me not doing anything unusual. And because I'm not technologically savvy enough to recognize the problem right away, I may have to spend hours, even days figuring out why the fates and conspired to screw me. It's a little like Ash at the end of Army of Darkness, I'm forgetting something, but I don't know what. "Yeah I said the words, well, no not exactly…but basically I said them, yeah."

This hardship comes after a paid job, a non move and trying to get my life back to where I can make stuff again. The hardest part of any project is starting. That's it, the simple act of beginning is the most difficult.

I had a teacher that once told me of Plato's philosophy that whatever you dream or imagine is perfect, it's only when you make that thought a reality that it becomes imperfect. It is for this reason most people never try, which is partially why this most recent project has taken me a wee bit longer than it should have. I have a hell of a time beginning things, because it's easier to enjoy the art of others than to contribute something myself. Artists often wallow in doubt and self pity comparing themselves to others, talking themselves out of what they were made to do.

In any event, I'm hoping the new episode of VCoT will be available to you this week. I try hard to keep my deadlines and the end of May was the deadline for the premiere of Season 2 of the show. Originally, my wife and I were going to be living in California by now, cramped in a studio apartment in Glendale, with two rattled cats…if we had stuck to the plan that is. As it happens I'm typing this from a two bedroom house in Colorado, with probably the same amount of heat and humidity. All of this to say, that I had planned for a buffer between seasons.

I just need to get back into the swing of things and find a schedule and work flow that works for me. I'd like to do more for the site and the YouTube page, but it may be a slow start for a while.

Klaatu, Faratta, Nic(cough)...