Marathon Moviemaking and the fallout of it...

This weekend is going to be a marathon. With two shorts to finish, I'll be drained by the end of it. However, I am looking forward to rolling my sleeves up and finally getting several days of uninterrupted work done. We're close. We're very close.

After completion, I'll then work on getting each actor video for their reel. Then I get to the projects that have been on hiatus (wedding videos, gameplay videos and a few others). I'm glad "business" has picked up and I look forward to continued will be nice though to take a break for a bit and recharge.

This friday will be attending a local art night created by some friends. It's a small collection of people from different disciplines who look, listen, present and talk about our art(s). I've only attended one of these events so far and I found it to be lovely. It was nice to get feedback on something and it was also nice to see other people's work. It was inspiring and I'm immensely looking forward to what everyone will bring this week.

In website news. I'm really hoping Rick and I can do a site overhaul soon. New colors, new layout. I really want to see this place to look clean and user friendly. After the aforementioned projects, we'll get to it. Until then, it's editing until my short films are as good as they can be. After that, it's a reasonable sabbatical that will include such things as mint juleps, playing video games of the adventure variety and catching up on time with my family and friends.

Wish me luck,

-Rob Out.

P.S. The 2nd Victorian Cut-Out Theatre went up at Cinevore today. If you haven't seen it, check it out ! And it you have, share it with your friends, they may not have seen it yet. I promise the next one will be brand new. See it on or around every 4th Thursday.