Modern Day Cowboy

"Technically, I am a freelancer, which is pretty much a modern day cowboy. And I live like a cowboy by buying quality, locally made jeans. Also, by eating beans out of a can, due to impatience."

-Liz Lemon 30 Rock

I never thought of myself as a freelancer until this week. I've always had a primary job that supplied me with the bulk of my income. These jobs never had anything to do with my creative endeavors but the money they provided gave me housing and food so that I could continue making videos. However, this year I've been offered several freelance opportunities. I should also mention that I've been paid for these jobs and paid well.

The last two weeks have found me waist deep in videography and just this past Friday, I found myself editing for an advertising agency (That's right, I'm pretty much Don F***in' Draper). The point is, I've managed to obtain enough side income to claim it on my taxes. This is an inconvenience, but a pleasant one and one I'd happily repeat next year.

I have no illusions that I can quit my primary job in favor of these new opportunities (although that's what I'll be doing in May anyway), but I find it satisfying that I'm being asked to perform creative duties as professional. This change in dynamic has given me a new outlook as someone who's time is worth money. This outlook is also weird to me.

Famed cartoonist (and a future dinner party guest of mine) Kate Beaton recently tweeted: "remember when you knew you'd be rich the day you had a Ming vase and some imbecile would smash it ?" It seems like Ms. Beaton and I have similar views of success or at the very least similar ellaborate, comedic fantasies about success. For the longest time I've viewed myself a bit like Tim Robbins' character in The Hudsucker Proxy. And while I'm not rich enough to own a Ming vase, I do finally feel competent enough to be a vase-smashing imbecile, and that carries with it a certain dignity.

-Rob out