Moving, Nerd vs. Geek and Podcasts

We're moving…again. I know we haven't moved in three years, but it feels like it was only yesterday that boxes filled our new home and I was whisked away on a turbulent flight to Philadelphia to participate in my first film festival. A lot was happening the last time we moved, both physically and emotionally. I'm hoping that this upcoming move will be less emotional because the last one was a doozy. In any event we should have a new place by this time next month which means that I might have a better workspace. A place where I can invite clients where it won't feel like they're in my living room.

More projects are coming up and I continue to work on writing samples, proposals and scripts as if the act of writing was the only thing standing between me and oblivion. Though it feels that way sometimes. I'm a staff writer for NR and am currently awaiting rejection from at least three other literary venues.

New scripts for Victorian Cut-out Theatre are mostly what have kept me busy over the past two weeks. One episode I'm particularly excited about includes superstitious villagers and hopefully the vocal talents of Ms. Stephanie Yuhas Writer/Director/Producer/Animator/Actress. Whew, seriously she's like a creative force of nature. Anyway, I think the show will be even funnier this season than it was last season. Knock on wood.

I've also been running every night from imaginary zombies, using this brilliant app called Zombies, Run! I could go into why I'm such a fan, but that is a blog post in and of itself. I'll just tell you that it's good. For those of you who continue to read the blog, you know that I managed a diet for 2 months until I achieved my target weight. It was a somber and grueling process. Since then I've been doing my best to manage my meat shell and maintain the work I did with the diet. So far so good.*

A great deal is happening this past week as well:

Cinevore Studios had their panel at Too Many Games. I was very sorry to have not been able to attend. But based off of everyone's Facebook pictures, it looks like everything was a great success.

While at Too Many Games, Cinevore premiered their 10th episode of Nerd VS. Geek and wouldn't you know it, my animation made the teaser. Maybe someday "Irish Bare-knuckle Brawler" will be a real game.

I was also featured on Lincoln Hayes' podcast Set To Record as a fill in guest since his fiance and co-host was in Europe. We talked about animation and I geeked out for almost forty minutes about what I was watching cartoon-wise. If that sounds like a conversation you'd be interested in, you can listen to it HERE.

I have also updated the Rob Walker Films YouTube page as well as the Main page's opening teasers to include the Rob Walker Films Showreel. This short video gives some examples of the different kinds of work that I have created, most of which can be found on this site.

As usual you can read two new articles from me over at Nerd Reactor. I post two a week (Mondays and Wednesdays). If you like what you see, comment and link to your Facebook or Twitter.

If you like the new site, give it a link on Facebook or Twitter and don't be afraid to send me an email to let me know how I'm doing. I will get back to you.

Anyway. Take care,


*I have absolutely no idea why any of you would need to know this, but some of you may be interested.