Narrative Fiction

I may be coming to the end of my creative walkabout. Animation should recommence shortly as well as me continuing to reorganize my creative output into things that give me pleasure and hopefully make me a bit of money. “Money and pleasure” sound like the title of an 80s hair-metal album and may be seen as shallow, so allow me to clarify; money and pleasure aren’t reasons to do things, but when you are focussed on making a career out of doing what you love, the two go hand in hand.

As mentioned in my previous blog, I have been experimenting with writing formats over the past two months and it has been an absolute joy. The first of these experiments began when I read an article about a gentleman who used Twitter to make a Choose Your Own Adventure game. In this article he detailed his process as well as sharing a site called Inklet, that helped with the mechanics of creating a piece of “interactive fiction”. Long being a fan of adventure games, I immediately went to the site and began tinkering with what they had on offer. In the process of tinkering, I began to develop a “test” story, just to see how a game/narrative of this kind would fit together. I had been working my way through the Friday the 13th film series at the time, and thought that a slasher film would be the perfect spring board for a CYOA story. I’m sure that there’s more editing that needs to be done on it, but for now, I’m pleased with it. Putting Blood Camp II: The Bloodening together was a satisfying experience, so much so that I'm going to do another. The next one will be in another genre entirely, which will likely mean less death. If you want to try to survive Blood Camp II: The Bloodening click HERE. There are signs of violence, but nothing really that bad, there is also implied sex, but nothing graphic. Drop me a line and let me know what you think.

The second writing project I worked on, was a short piece of “flash fiction” as a part of a prompt competition for the Short Story & Flash Fiction Society. Their prompt was a photograph of a cove just off of the coast of Belize, they called it “The Big Blue Hole”. This photo inspired me to create a property listing for an estate called Doom Cove. There are sections of the story I am very proud of, but overall, I think it needs a little more work. However, the idea of a deadline for fiction is a great one and having spent most of my time recently mired in deadlines for essays, I really enjoyed the experience. Also having a, more or less, finished story at the end of it was pretty great. It was a lot of fun, and I will definitely be doing this more often. If you want to read Doom Cove, you can do so on this site by clicking HERE.

On a third narrative note, I ran across a …game? More like a digital dark ride which tells an interactive short story called The Sensational December Machine. This game was given away free from Simogo, a gaming company known for creating off beat experiences like Device 6 and Year Walk. A little over a year ago, I was so thrilled with Device 6 that I wrote an article for Nerd Reactor about it. Anyway, Simogo created this short little game/story that can be downloaded and experienced for free. If you have the means, I highly encourage you to do so. When I had finished playing The Sensational December Machine, my first thought was “my heart hurts.” My second thought was “I want to make something like this.” and my third thought was, “I want to write for Simogo.” If you like heartwarming stories that reflect our society's values, told in charming and extraordinary ways, check out The Sensational December Machine HERE.

That’s it for me for now. Take care.