Need some Halloween, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, L.A. and John Carpenter Part 2

It’s September and I’m ready for cooler weather and Halloween. I’m looking forward to an entire month of horror movies, culminating in a night of dressing up and going into a sugar coma. This is usually the only month of the year where I crave cable, if for no other reason than AMCs The Walking Dead, VOD movies and the TCM lineup. I’ll have to make due, I suppose.

This past weekend found me chatting with the manager of my local indie theatre about an exciting new endeavor, which I’m sure I’ll share with you here in the near future. I also got the chance to chat with Matt Conant of Cinevore Studios about several things, but mostly about the differences between Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Los Angeles and the pros and cons of moving to each of these places. The conversation had me in stitches. I won’t repeat any of it here, but if you see Matt, you should ask him about trying to find a sandwich in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia’s “Independence Day Syndrome”.

This past weekend was also spent mostly working on the new Victorian Cut-Out Theatre, due out this month. The series is gaining traction with Cinevore’s fans and seems to be attracting a specific kind of fan-those who like esoteric literary references. The idea that Victorian Cut-Out Theatre would have fans outside of my friends and family is mind-blowing to me. As far as marketable ideas go, this concept is a hard sell, but I enjoy doing it and people seem to be taking a shine to it. So bully for me. Anyway, this upcoming episode of VCoT is called A Singularity of Mind, and features an automaton called The Turk. I am pleased to report that this might be the most labor intensive animation I’ve done for the series as well as the the most violent episode so far.

In other news, PART 2 of the WTF Are You Watching- 50th Episode John Carpenter Spectacular is posted. If you enjoy hearing film fans geek out over movies, give it a listen. This half discusses Carpenter’s later works, beginning with Big Trouble in Little China and ends with his most recent film The Ward.

That’s about it for me, hope to have some exciting new announcements soon. Stay tuned.

-Rob Out.