New Website and Tiny Airplanes

I'm off to Los Angeles…again.

In about four hours, I will be boarding a tiny airplane with an even tinier bag, headed for L.A. The reason for this is to attend my alma mater's student showcase, where I will visit with old friends and be in an 'industry setting', or at least that's what I've been told. In actuality, I have no idea what to expect and have pretty much chalked the trip up to a short visit with friends…and if anyone wants to see my script samples, they are more than welcome.

I've been shackled to my computer for almost a month and a half, wondering just how I was going to finish all of the stuff I've had going. I think I've gotten close. Scripts samples are done. Paid animation is in phase three of completion, and I should be hearing back from Cinevore on the status of the project I helped write for them. Lots of good things, but after this trip I'm hoping things calm down enough so that I can catch my breath and then MORE FUN, PAID JOBS! MORE VICTORIAN CUT-OUT THEATRE! MORE!! ...ahem, I'm pleased with how things are going.

On a not unrelated note, how do you like the new site? Pretty boss, huh. Rick really outdid himself on this one, and now I just need to refine/fix some things, prune the old stuff and add more videos, but it'll be tip top in no time. We opted to take out some features like commenting, for a more streamlined hub that will make it easier for you to find things, as well as easier for us to connect with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other community sites. So keep checking back.

That's about it for now, more substantial stuff soon; paid animation jobs, writing for Cinevore and Nerd Reactor and a video where I explain why L.A. didn't quite move forward for us.

Thanks for reading,