New Years Plans

This week has me out of sorts, two days off, a day on, four days off, half day, one day off, one day on. I feel a little like my schedule is an elaborate code. I also feel like I'm not supposed to get this much time off, and that feeling makes me nervous. However, since nervousness is my natural state, perhaps this means I'm starting 2014 off right.

As of now, I have absolutely no idea what our plans are for New Years Eve. Rumor has it that my dad might make the trip over so that we can have "late Christmas"; this might be a welcome change from the usual celebration expectations. Every year, my wife and I go through the same rigamarole, with her telling me she wants to "go dancing", and me trying to mentally parachute out of the situation.

I see New Years Eve as the "hangover holiday", the last stubborn party guest that refuses to leave, even after the food is put away and the iPod is playing the same Sarah McLachlan song on repeat; you know the one. We have a string on holidays at the end of each year, and NYE seems to be our collective last ditch effort to keep the party going instead of letting the host clean up.

My wife and I have never been dancing on New Years, and this year will follow tradition. Although, next year I feel like I may finally have to buckle down and plan something special. Maybe there's a way to combine my wife's yen to go dancing with my desire to not be in a sweaty nightclub. Let's all of us pray that some Denver nightclub host a 1920s night on New Years Eve 2014.

2013 has had it's ups and downs, I can't really go into the "downs" because people's feeling might get hurt, but I can talk about the "ups". I got paid to make a promotional video. I was fortunate enough to be hired to collaborate and write a video that made the front page of Kotaku. I've had some very positive feedback regarding my work with Nerd Reactor, and I've had published author J.J. Anderson feature one of my short stories on his blog. I've also continued with Victorian Cut-out Theatre and my work with Cinevore Studios (Love those guys!). I have also begun video-blogging on a regular basis. My wife and I didn't move to Los Angeles, but instead to a house with more room. I've lost 20 pounds, quit smoking and have also appeared as the best man in a friend's wedding. 2013 has treated me very well and, I believe, has laid the groundwork for future happiness and success in 2014 (knock on wood).

As today's video blog can tell you, I set goals every year. This year, some of the goals include language and exercise, but there are also those having to do with travel, career and personal relationships. A few of these goals are linked and will hopefully bring about positive change in the upcoming year. Not a moment too soon, I'm feeling a little like Joe Banks these days.

Take care,