New Years Reflections: Successes and Failures

The end of the year snuck up on me, most big events do these days. I roll deeper than I used to and things are certainly a bit more complicated. So I beg your pardon if I forget the eggs, or my glasses, or the fact that the year is ending.

I won’t lie to you, there have been moments during this year when I have felt like an abject failure. There have also been moments, when I have felt like I have accomplished something big. It is true that my life feels a bit like the photonegative of the one I thought I would have two years ago. It’s certainly a lot colder where I am right now and there is a lot more baby. There’s no denying though, that regardless of location, strides have been made. I’ve made new friends, colleagues and connections. I've forged new creative relationships, have produced some decent work, and am also helping to raise a freshly minted human being. While successes have never quite moved fast enough for me, any progress is progress. Here are the numbers for 2014.

2014 in NUMBERS

While I likely ran 5K in one go this year, I didn’t sign up for any races. SO I didn’t run a 5K this year as per my resolution.

I didn’t learn German either. I used DuoLingo steady for about a month and fell off. I’d still like to continue, but I’ll need to make more of an effort in 2015.

I also lost and gained weight, in that order. This makes me sad, but I’m inclined to think I was stress eating pretty hard in this last quarter of the year, so it makes terrifying sense.

I was rejected by (in a very kind, but suspiciously robotic email)

I was politely rejected by the folks at Zombies, Run! (Although they did say that they would pass my work along, and made a suggestion on how to submit in the future)

I made 40 episodes of Walker’s Talkers

I completed 11 episodes of Victorian Cut-out Theatre (making the total 22 episodes)

I wrote 53 personal blogs this year.

I wrote 46 blogs for Nerd Reactor

I wrote 3 essays for Cardiff Book History

I completed 1 animation for a Victorian Humor Project

I wrote a short horror film for a contest, was rejected because the contest was rigged, passed the script on to a director friend who will actually be turning it into a real short film.

I went to an Anime convention (not really on my bucket list, but it was fun)

I got to meet and chat with John DiMaggio and Billy West.

I submitted to 2 film festivals (Still waiting to hear back)

I created a Patreon account and my projects were supported in 2014 (I am so, sincerely grateful)

I worked on a Christmas card project that looks pretty great (Here’s hoping there are more projects like this in 2015)

My wife and I had a baby and are now raising a child.

More ups than downs certainly. When written out, I’ve accomplished more that I thought I had. So what’s next for 2015? given my failure in the 5K and German departments, I’m hesitant to make bold declarations via video like I did at the end of 2013. However, I sincerely believe that setting goals for one’s set is important. Loose weight is at the top of the list. I would also very much like to finish a feature length screenplay this year and submit even more of my work. I would also like to do more live action short films. I have a few ideas I’ve been sitting on and 2015 might be the year for them. I would like to travel more and take my wife on dates more often. I would of course, like to run a 5K and learn German, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Heres to an even better 2015. I’ll see you all in the future.