No Smoking, Please Dir. Lincoln Hayes (Guest Video)

I was inspired to make this video after watching CBP's "Troublemaker Shorts". I hadn't made a movie of my own in...five years? It had been a while, regardless, and I missed it. After watching the boys' shorts, I decided to do the same.

One night, I wrote in my Idea Journal "A film noir-esque short about a guy playing online chess". The next day, I had what you see written. I shot it over to Kyle Anderson, the better half of Eclectic Films, for his input (which I then ignored, ha) and picked a day when I would shoot this sucka. I had the night off work, a new white shirt, and nothing else to do. I set it up, shot it myself, and edited it that night before my girlfriend Rachel got home from work. Thanks to Joe Ginsberg of Single File for letting me use their song and to You Tube for fighting me for it's use (I won, ya basta'ds!). And, of course, big thanks to Rob for posting it on the site. I've been whoring it around Facebook and Twitter, so I'm happy to lend it and get more views. Also, CBP are pretty badass, so having my name/stuff on their site makes me dance a little jig. Enjoy. And don't smoke. It's bad for you.

- Hayes

PS Make sure you watch through the credits. You will laugh. Or you should at least.