October is over: ALL HAIL NOVEMBER!

October was perhaps the most prolific month I have had in a long time. I finished another episode of Victorian Cut-out Theatre, managed to write 31 horror movie themed microblogs as well as produce an average for three Nerd Reactor articles per week. Add to this my full time job, and Halloween activities, and I'm pretty well wiped out. And yet, I press on…

I'm going to be generating more video content, mostly because I miss it, but also because the old CBP YouTube is gaining subscribers through sheer volume of dormant content, while the new Rob Walker Films page sits lonely. There, should be a video explaining the situation to old and new subscribers and hopefully these folks will find there way to youtube/robwalkerfilms soon, for some brand new stuff no one has seen.

I will still be making episodes of Victorian Cut-out Theatre for Cinevore, but now I'll also be adding more stuff to my workload for RWF specifically. This means that time management will be paramount. I'm not terrible a such things, but I could certainly be better. This will probably mean that I'll have to plan a "season" including breaks, so that I'm not constantly chasing deadlines. I won't need to let you know if this goes well as the proof will be in the proverbial pudding.

Other things that happened:

1) I am Nerd Reactor's writer of the month!
Despite some harsh criticism form the bowls of the internet, some of my articles actually made some people happy. I'm honored at the title. Onward and upward!

2) The latest episode of Victorian Cut-out Theatre did not perform to my expectations. To say I was discouraged that an animation about Frankenstein during the month of October did poorly, was an understatement. Whenever a setback like this is suffered, I always analyze it to death hoping to find a magic recipe that will make every episode afterward golden. This strategy hasn't worked. However, this next episode is superb, so I'll have to push that one extra hard.

3) I got a room full of non-horror fans to gather around a television set and watch Dawn of the Dead (remake), The Monster Squad, and part of Fright Night (remake). I did not expect this to happen. I was simply following my sister's instructions for putting on a successful party. I expected the attendees to disregard the monstrous images as background ambiance and dance, eat and talk without paying it any mind. People didn't do that however, they paid the zombies eating people lots of mind. I take this as a success, as I'm always trying to get new people into the genre, but this mass event was unexpected.

4) My wife participated in her library districts convention known as READCON. The above picture is of her library's Steampunk display (she painted the wheels)This is a brilliant idea, featuring food, lectures, books and movies. The more I'm learning about the library system, the more thankful I become. I hope it's bigger next year, maybe I can give a talk about animation…or something.

Stay tuned. Tell your friends about Rob Walker Films and if you need any writing or animation work, let me know.

Take Care,